September 23, 2014


A Community Handbell Ensemble

Group organ spread 2014_0The Philadelphia Handbell Ensemble strives to reach higher standards of musical excellence through the use of handbells and to explore the incorporation of other instruments in order to broaden the exposure of handbells to the performing arts. Read more about the Philadelphia Handbell Ensemble.

Handbells are a unique instrument in which each bell is tuned to a specific note, like a key on a piano. Unlike an orchestra or choir in which each musician is responsible for one line of the texture, a handbell ensemble acts as one instrument, with each musician responsible for particular notes as they appear in the music. Learn more about and listen to the music of handbells.

The Philadelphia Handbell Ensemble plays around the greater Philadelphia region, and in other locations when invited. We play a variety of venues, including community concerts, religious worship services, festivals and special events. Learn about inviting the Philadelphia Handbell Ensemble to perform for you!