March 6, 2017

Workshop Registration

Workshop Registration - May 2019

  • Classes Available:

    Class selection 1, Intended for the newer ringer

    • Basic Ringing and Music Reading – This class will cover how to hold bells and chimes with proper ringing technique - both to avoid fatigue and to promote musicality; how to damp the sound; timing and how to coordinate with neighboring ringers. This class will also teach how to read what’s on the page – recognition of notes and rests; pitches and key signatures and accidentals; meters; and those pesky Italian words for changing dynamics and changing the tempo.
    • How Do I Count That? – This class will provide instruction on essential rhythms and introduction to syncopation and dotted rhythms, all in various simple meters and compound meters.
    • Treble 4-In-Hand for Beginners – This class will teach how to hold two bells in each hand, how to pick up and drop extra bells while ringing, and how to execute individual bell and combined bell strikes.

    Class selection 2, Intended for the experienced ringer

    • Complex Rhythms -This class will delve deeper into the world of rhythm: exploring unusual meters, polyrhythms 3-against-2, and duplets in 6/8 or 9/8 meters.
    • Advanced Treble Techniques – This class will cover Six-In-Hand, enharmonic switching left-right, and suspended mallets with lots of bells.
    • Introduction to Solo Ringing – This class will provide first steps in learning solo ringing techniques. Pre-requisite is ability to ring Four-In-Hand.

    Class selection 3, Intended for all experience levels

    • Bell Weaving – This class will teach the handling of chromatic sequences without getting your arms hopelessly tangled; and the handling of changeovers between handbells and handchimes.
    • Musicianship with Mallets – This class will cover the proper striking technique for mallets; making the sound beautiful; and execution of accents.
    • Pluck, Sing, Mart, Swing, Echo, Lift, and More – This class provides an overview of Martellato, Mart-Lift, Plucks, Mallets, Suspended Mallets, Table Echo, Tower Swings, Singing Bell, and so forth.
    • Bell Maintenance – This class will help you in the general care of your instrument, use of basic tools, handbells and chimes, emphasis on Schulmerich, and including Malmark.
    • Reading Shared Music Favorites – You may bring a full set of originals (no photocopies) of one of your favorites to share for an hour, or you can just ring. You can choose to direct you selection, or ask Artistic Director Robert James Lamb to direct it for you. This is an opportunity to bring music that has been successful with your groups and share it with others who may not be familiar with it. Ringers MUST BE ABLE TO SIGHTREAD PROFICIENTLY. Listeners may attend just to listen. Please mark your registration form appropriately. We will contact participants separately to coordinate what selections you are bringing, if any, and who is to direct.
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